SpeederXP 2.63

SpeederXP is a powerful PC speed hack tool to have on your computer
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If you have a computer with low memory or low processing power then "SpeederXP 2.3" is the tool you need to speed up your computer and run those programs quickly that used to load slowly on your computer. Another wonderful feature for this program is that it can control games speed which will enable the player to increase the speed of the game in order to enjoy it more, and the player can also slow down the game in order to get more advantage and control to win in that game. Not only games but the program can also control all other windows applications and can make them run almost at double their speed. The program has a special kernel arithmetic that depends on the "linearity-accelerate" technology so it gradually increases the speed of your computer after you adjust your program's settings for a high speed. The program's window will allow you to choose between controlling the speed for the whole system and all open windows at once. When you click on the "target: icon, it will show you a list of all running GUI applications so you can pick which one to control its speed. The main drawback of the program is that it cannot control the whole system speed for Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later. Another major drawback is that it can cause many crashes due to overall system instability.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Compatible with Windows Vista and all windows versions


  • Sometimes crashes
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